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Lions of Gir India - World Poetry

Beautiful lion prowling the day
Princely, forlorn
finding her prey
pouncing and crouching

teak forest stream
meandering along
through Gir forest green
Maldhari child
sheds tears in fear,

Indian Gujarat lions
suddenly appear
hunting for cattle,
Maldhari land
love, hope, danger,

India's commanding voice
African sunset,
sunburnt, dusty haze
outlines of acacia trees,
grazing antelopes leaping,
grasses are swaying
in warm breezes

Indian sunset, blistering red
orange, gold sky burning
sunset filled with colors

African lions
napping at dusk
Indian lion, purring
and roaring

Maldhari children
tearfully crying again
lest lions suddenly pounce

Indian lion,
bends down so low
wandering stream bed,
twisting and turning
sipping cool water,

white belly scratching the ground
without a whisper or sound
while African sunset burning away
and Indian sunset beckons the end
of a beautiful Indian day.

Lions Of Gir India, The Hill