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A Travel Say's about Gir India

The forest was amazing .... looked so lively and it was hard to believe we were in one of the most drought-prone India. Almost immediately, the driver was pointing the way, and dust are the pieces that seemed tiger footprints "Great Lion", he said, raising his hands to the head to simulate hair.

I was very pleasantly surprised by Gir India. Having never been there before, I really did not know what to expect, but the stories of the "lions" had somehow stolen from Sasan Gir India is not glamorous. Until recently, these miniature circus, where lions have been fed and were followed by hordes of people, "the accents of a joke. The practice was abandoned some years.

We were 35 km from Sasan and returned with fatigue. As usual with big cats, so a Gir lion, eyes downcast, the lion waiting to see him, his body almost invisible dark dappled light. It was a magnificent and we watched with eyes downcast. I did not even try to get a shot at optimal conditions of light film language "almost sure that the photos of garbage. After a few seconds, the lion quickly extinguished, but when Dipti insisted he could feel a murder. Search the area on foot, under the watchful eye in case the lion is back, and then I found lying semi-Sambar blind and could hardly believe our luck. Lions in Gir India had often been filmed eating buffalo that were given a lion bait-day show, but for my part, I had never seen a natural death. In addition, men are rarely, if ever killed anything, much less a deer Sambar, usually leaving work for women. Part of the stomach and back had been eaten, and I thought that this lion is unlikely to return until four on the opening night. Having hacked a route for the jeep, then we can sit on the kill, we left.

I could hardly wait to return and yet we must be careful not to disturb the area by obtaining. Here too soon. Ultimately, with growing excitement, we settled in over the killing as planned and in a minute, the leaves rustled in the left and the lion came and sat down to fifteen feet of sambar. Again, within the forest, the light was terrible and I had to go back to my great Indian Gaur bison in a water point on the lens Palamau and then we had a display that will remain in our minds for years. Embarrassed by the flies to kill her, threw her hair and preserved, changing its position that the photograph is almost impossible. Then with a shrug of impatience, he went to the sambar and began to draw from it, forgetting the jeep and the camera noise. A minute later, for no apparent reason, he was gone.

We could not ask for better shots, and the days following the Lions have given us many different images. What we wanted was a pride and there were reports of five men who were lying together in the west end of the park, we went there one morning.