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Asiatic Lion In Gir India

The Asiatic lion in India, is now in a pocket in the Gir National Park in the state of Gujarat. Efforts have been made to move a small number of these lions to another park to try to ensure the survival of this majestic animal better. However, these plans have not yet put into action.

The Asiatic lion grows to a height of 90 cm, with length ranging from 200 - 280cm. Tail long and hard to reach a length of 60 - 90 cm. Lions can weigh between 200 - 275kg. Their main prey consists of Nilgai, Chital, Sambhar, goats, buffaloes and other small animals sometimes. Gir lions have been used to kill cattle and even camels.

Asiatic lions are built similar to their cousins Afirca but are often smaller due to its small mane.

Lioness is the main predator and no lions

Their breeding season is synchronized with the arrival of winter in October and November. Its gestation period is 3 ½ months, ranging from 3-4 in the series. Lions breed on average every two years and are willing to have its first group of infants at the age of 30 to 36 months. They have a life expectancy of between 20 and 30.

Just like their African cousins, Asian Manes are too beautiful, which are absent in women. Asiatic lions are generally smaller than the Manes African cousins. Asian lions, however, be more thick outer sheath and also a longer tail of hair, Dolce and elbow joints. Coloring lion lion manes vary. Few of them are very dark, Manes, who according to a study conducted in Africa are the lions in favor!

Asiatic lions are smaller cousins of the African Manes

Lions live in a more pride. These can sometimes be proud of up to 3 adult males, but it's always one, which is the dominant leader. Males are known for their laziness and behavior domination. Females do all the hunting and men rarely join, when you catch a very big animal like an aggressive Buffalo. However, when the killing is done, the first people ever to go for a meal.

The association between a family of lions is extremely high, with aunts and sisters to assist in the implementation of providing all young people. Females remain with the pride for life, while men tend to establish their own wings at the age of three years. They live a lonely life, most of the time, then leave, but were also known to wander in the territory of two trios. These singles are known to be major threats to the dominant males lead his pride. They are also known to kill cubs to try to get females into heat again. These are mostly unmarried brothers who left a pride, but people have only been able to team up with other individuals.

The Asiatic lion has been declared the most endangered big cat in the world. Their number, between 250 to 300, all concentrated in the same region, they are under constant threat of being wiped out by a deadly epidemic. It is hoped that all the suppressors, regulators to settle their dispute over the best plan and take action before it is too late to save one of the most magnificent animals to walk the planet.