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Gir India National Park Opens For Tourists

Gir India National Park Opens

After a long monsoon break, the Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary finally opened its gates to tourists in India's Gujarat state on Tuesday.

The Gir National Park is the sole habitat for Asiatic lions and is famous for its rich flora and fauna.

Earlier these lions were found across northern Africa, southwest Asia and Greece, but now there are few lions left at the Gir National Park India.

The Asiatic lions attract tourists from across the globe.

Aturist Say's About Gir India

[Katherine, Tourist from the UK]:

"We have come to Gir forest today to look at all the different diversities. We saw lions, spotted deer and lots of different birds. Obviously this is the only place in the world where we can see Asiatic lions. It's been a once in a lifetime opportunity for us so we are really pleased having seen the lions today.”

This year the gates to the national park have been opened ahead of schedule to accommodate the increase in the number of foreign tourists who have come to attend the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

More tourists are expected in the coming days as the Games come to an end.

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