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Gir Wildlife Sanctuary Roads To Be Closed During Nights

Entry of vehicles in transit through the streets Gir National Park, the last place of residence and Asiatic lions, it is forbidden at night, a move that will help protect the wildlife area. To move the Gujarat Forest Department to provide relief from much-needed wild Gir about 10 main roads through the sanctuary. This step reduces the risk of animals belonging to the wheels of vehicles and save them from noise.

The Forest Department took this step to ensure the safety of lions and other animals in the wildlife reserve. Previously, some cases of injury to animals have been reported due to traffic accidents in the Gir forest area, Principal Secretary, Forests and Environment SK Nanda said.

"This season is coming the new lion cubs at the moment and it is very important that they receive at least one night in peace"

"Only in case of emergency, allowing the movement of vehicles of forest protected areas at night"

As the latest study by the State Department of Forests in 2010, already has a population of 411 Asiatic lions in addition to other Lions.

The protected area within the sanctuary is about 900 square kilometers, but the lions are also commonly found roaming the nearby villages of Gir India.

Source : News